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Personal Emergency Self Defense Security Alarm Keychain 140dB Pack of 3

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Bodyguard to Protect Everyone in Need:
- When you encounter a strong natural disaster and you cannot send a distress signal, the mini loud personal alarm can attract rescuers and save you from danger;
- For Women: Give peace in mind when Women go home late in dark after work. When in hotel alone going out for business, running or walking dog in Night, or street burglary;
- For Kids: Protect from school bullying, in case of get lost in crowded public place.
- For Elderly & Wounded: Calling help when in bed or wheel-chair feeling sick, in case of drop down or suffering from disease in Night;
- Different Emergency: Trapped in elevator, house burglary, get lost when climbing mountain.

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Alarm volume: 140 db 
Material: ABS 
Voltage: 4.5 - 6 V 
Alarm time: 120 minutes 
Light intensity: 100 lumens 
Size: approx. 2.76 x 1.77 x 0.98 inch 
Pack of 3 Colours: gold, pink, silver

Use Tips:
- Pull out the electricity insulating film first.
- Press the button to turn on the flashlight and loose it to turn off.
- Pull out the trigger and the self defense alarm will be activated with 140db sound. - Plug in the bolt it will stop.
- When the alarm sound goes low, please remove screws from back cover and replace new batteries.
- This item is not completely waterproof, please not put it in the water and make it in a dry condition as possible. 
- The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put by your ears. And don't give to baby to play

Personal Alarm pack of 3: Pink, Gold, Silver 
Instruction Manual
Batteries Included in Device

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